Future skills

The 21st century skills can lead students to succeed in their future careers. These skills are intended to help the students to keep up with lightning-pace current and future job markets. Each of the skills are unique and important for the students to have so that they can be successful in their future occupations. The objectives of our project are that students will be able to identify essential skills for the future workforce and to apply these skills in their practical lives. This project will target grade 12th English language learners in order to make them understand how future skills have an influence on their employment opportunities.


Driving Questions

how can we better prepare English Language Learners to have the skills needed in the future workforce?

So, what are the skills needed?

What kind of activities do we need to develop the skills?



To understand how future skills can have an influence on their employment opportunities. 


1.Students will be able to determine predicted skills young people will need to prepare for their future career.

2.Students will be able to use this knowledge and to think critically about what impact this may have on their educational experience.

3. Students will be able to apply the concept of future skills to contribute to their community. 

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